Anup Shakya


My name is Anup Shakya. I am a Hybrid Shooter (Photographer/Videographer) based in Canberra/Sydney. I have been doing photography for more than 10 years. I specialize in Fashion, Weddings and Portraits. I have worked with many designers and modelling agencies throughout my career. With The AR Pixels, we aim to capture all your magical moments that can be treasured for life.

Abisekh Maharjan


I am Abisekh Maharjan working as a Photographer For me photography is understanding Different Conditions of lighting in the form of Movement, Intensity, colors N Direction. As associated with The AR Pixels we will GIVE THE BEST SERVICES AS DESIRE BY THE CUSTOMER THROUGH OUR TEAM.

Julen Shrestha


Hello, I am Julen Shrestha, an accomplished photographer, proudly associated with Thearpixels, a trustworthy company in the field. As a member of this valued team, clients place the trust in me to capture their visions of life through my lens. They rely on my ability to capture the meaningful as well as visually appealing moments. We as a team, collaborate with clients closely understanding their needs and vision for a successful and meaningful project.

My commitment for clients is to understand the creative vision, of the project, collaborating in detail, providing best result and to make sure client satisfaction.

Shaurab Shrestha

Freelance photographer

I am Shaurab Shrestha, a freelance photographer. We are reputable photography service who maintain a professional approach throughout all the client interaction. We are responsive to inquiries, punctual for appointments, and communicate clearly regarding schedules, deliverables. We put in all our efforts to make your event memorable.

Salim Bhujel


Hello I am Salim Bhujel. I am an experienced cinematographer dedicated to crafting visually captivating stories. Skilled in lighting techniques, camera operations, and visual aesthetics. With The AR Pixels we will help to capture your stories and showcase them as a fairy tale.